Parry (crater)

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Parry crater 4120 h3.jpg
Coordinates 7°54′S 15°48′W / 7.9°S 15.8°W / -7.9; -15.8Coordinates: 7°54′S 15°48′W / 7.9°S 15.8°W / -7.9; -15.8
Diameter 48 km
Depth 0.6 km
Colongitude 16° at sunrise
Eponym William E. Parry
Parry (top center) from Apollo 16. NASA image.

Parry is a lunar crater that is attached to the southeast rim of the walled plain Fra Mauro. Attached to the west and southwest rim of Parry is the crater Bonpland. Due south of Parry is the small crater Tolansky, and farther to the south-southwest is Guericke.

The crater is named after William Edward Parry.

The rim of Parry is heavily worn and slightly distorted due to the co-joined formations. The wall is the most prominent along the northwest, and crossed along the southwest by the small Parry B. The floor has been flooded by lava, and is relatively flat. At the midpoint is a pair of tiny craterlets. A rille system crosses the southeast rim in a northeast direction before crossing the east rim and continuing a short distance across the surrounding mare.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Parry.

Parry Latitude Longitude Diameter
B 8.9° S 13.0° W 1 km
C 6.8° S 12.7° W 3 km
D 7.9° S 15.7° W 3 km
E 8.3° S 16.3° W 6 km
F 7.6° S 14.7° W 4 km
L 6.3° S 14.7° W 7 km
M 8.9° S 14.5° W 26 km

The following craters have been renamed by the IAU.