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Parsley the Lion is a fictional character from the BBC1 children's show The Herbs, created by Michael Bond. There was a follow-up series of 5-minute episodes shown in 1970 called The Adventures of Parsley, which featured all of the other characters from the original show.


He is a simple, friendly lion. He does not usually talk, but always sings, "I'm a very friendly lion called Parsley". His best friends are Dill the dog and Sage the owl, but he is normally seen with Rosemary, Basil and Bayleaf the gardener. He always waits at the gate for the viewers and would wave, expecting them to wave back. His name is because his mane and tail are made of parsley. He is very shy, only communicating by nodding, shaking his head, or pointing. He covers his face when embarrassed. Each episode involves Parsley having to sort something out. In the follow-up series The Adventures of Parsley, Parsley does talk and is mostly seen with Dill. He is the smart one and often makes Dill look stupid.


Parsley is sometimes involved in tough situations due to his size. In the first episode of the series he tries to find his tail after Basil makes it disappear. Another episode involves Parsley trying to find out what is going on in the herb garden, which turns out to be a birthday party for him. In another episode he has to climb a tall tarragon plant, which reaches into the clouds, to retrieve eggs from a nest with the aid of Dill.


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