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The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the CFR Title 14 part 91 defines a Part 91 Operator.[1] These are the regulations that define the operation of small non-commercial aircraft within the United States, however, many other countries defer to these rules. These rules set conditions, such as weather, under which the aircraft may operate.[2]

Part 135 operator[edit]

Part 135 operator rules govern commercial aircraft.[3] FAR (Federal Aviation Regulations) Part 135 which is titled "Operating Requirements: Commuter and On Demand Operations and Rules Governing Persons On Board Such Aircraft" applies to turbojet engine powered aircraft with 1-30 seats, non-transport category turbo-propeller powered aircraft with 10-19 seats, and transport category turbo props with 20-30 seats. Applicants for a FAR Part 135 certificate must have exclusive use of at least one aircraft.[4]


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