Part of Your World

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"Part of Your World"
Song by Jodi Benson (as Ariel) from the album The Little Mermaid: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack
Released December 13, 1989
Recorded August 16, 1989
Genre Musical theatre
Length 3:16
Label Walt Disney
Writer Alan Menken, Howard Ashman
Producer Alan Menken, Howard Ashman
The Little Mermaid: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack track listing
"Daughters of Triton"
"Part of Your World"
"Under the Sea"

"Part of Your World" is a song written by composer Alan Menken and lyricist Howard Ashman from the 1989 Disney animated feature film, The Little Mermaid. Originally recorded by American actress and singer Jodi Benson in her film role as Ariel, "Part of Your World" is a Broadway-style ballad in which the film's heroine, a mermaid, expresses her desire to become human.

"Part of Your World" was written at the behest of Ashman, who felt that it was necessary for Ariel to have a song in which she shares with the audience her hopes and dreams, similar to a traditional Broadway musical. The song has been mostly positively received by critics, who praised Ashman and Menken's songwriting abilities as well as Benson's vocal performance. Despite being the film's theme song and critically lauded, "Part of Your World" did not receive a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Original Song, while The Little Mermaid's "Under the Sea" and "Kiss the Girl" did.


The song depicts Ariel's fascination with, and desire to be a part of, the human world.

Believing that, in a musical, it is necessary for the heroine (Ariel) to at some point sing about her goals and what she hopes to achieve in life, Ashman wrote the lyrics for "Part of Your World", which he referred to as the film's "I Want" song.[1][2] After reviewing Ashman's lyrics, co-directors Ron Clements and John Musker suggested some rewrites, as Ashman had included terms that would be unfamiliar to someone who gets their "information [about the human world] from a seagull."[2] Ashman complied, replacing some of his previous lyrics with more off-beat terminology.[2]

While recording "Part of Your World", Jodi Benson requested that the studio's lights be dimmed to give her the feeling of being underwater.[3] Ashman stood at Benson's side, giving her suggestions to benefit her performance.[1]

During production of The Little Mermaid, "Part of Your World" was nearly cut from the film when it seemingly tested poorly with an audience of school children, who became rowdy during the scene.[4] This caused Jeffrey Katzenberg to feel that the song slowed down the film and needed to be cut,[3] an idea that was resisted by Ashman, Musker, Clements, and Keane.[3] Both Musker and Clements cited the similar situation of the popular song "Over the Rainbow" nearly being cut from MGM's The Wizard of Oz when appealing to Katzenberg.[4] Ashman and Keane pushed for the song to remain until the film was in a more finalized state.[3][4] During a second test screening, the scene, now colorized and further developed, tested well with a separate child audience, and the musical number was kept.[4]

According to Menken, "Part of Your World" was one of the songs applauded at a public screening of The Little Mermaid.[5]


Written by composer Alan Menken and lyricist Howard Ashman,[6][7] "Part of Your World" is a down-tempo ballad written in the style of a Broadway musical number. Described by lyricist Howard Ashman as an "I Want" song, "Part of Your World" describes in detail Ariel's desire to become part of the human world. Written in the key of F major[7] in signature common time[7] at a "moderately bright" pace,[7] Benson's soprano[8] vocal range spans exactly one octave,[7] from the musical notes of C4 to C5.[7]

Critical reception[edit]

"Part of Your World" has received predominantly positive reviews from critics. Janet Maslin of The New York Times called "Part of Your World" a "musical bull's-eye".[9] Maslin also described the song as a desired musical number for any Broadway musical.[9] Scott Holleran of Box Office Mojo called the song a "triumphant tune", while praising Benson's vocal performance, which he described as breath-taking.[10] Sputnikmusic wrote similarly of Benson's performance, describing it as both "breath-taking" and "brilliant".[11] Filmtracks described "Part of Your World" as a "gorgeous ballad", accrediting it with "setting the table" for subsequent songs performed by Disney heroines, such as Beauty and the Beast's "Belle".[12] Filmtracks also praised Benson's vocal performance, describing it as "tender enough to be believable in the role while also accurately resonating at the necessary high ranges."[12]

Live and stage versions[edit]

"Part of Your World" is featured in the Broadway musical adaptation of The Little Mermaid, which opened at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on January 10, 2008[13] and closed on August 30, 2009.[13] The song, originally performed by Jodi Benson, was first performed on Broadway by actress Sierra Boggess, who originated the stage role of Ariel.[14][15] Boggess was nominated for a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Actress in a Musical for her performance.[14][15]

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