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Aceh Party
Partai Aceh
Chairman Muzakkir Manaf
Secretary-General Muhammad Yahya
Founded 7 June 2007
Headquarters Banda Aceh
Ballot number 39
DPR Seats N/A (New Party)

The Aceh Party (Indonesian: Partai Aceh) is a regional political party in Indonesia. It contested for the first time in the 2009 elections in the province of Aceh. [1] [2]

It was formerly known as GAM Party (Partai GAM) after the Free Aceh Movement (GAM), the separatist group that fought for independence for the province. Many of its leaders were senior figures in the movement, and its chairman is the former commander of GAM's military wing. It was expected to be "the party to beat" in the elections, and was predicted to win in at least 15 of Aceh's 21 regencies. During the election campaign, there were attacks on party buildings and vehicles, including the use of grenades and bombings. Shots were also fired at party members. On several occasions, Indonesian Armed Forces personnel lowered Aceh Party flags.[3][4]

Based on the result of the 2009 election, Aceh Party has 33 seats from total 69 seats available in Aceh Parliament (DPR Aceh).[5]

The Aceh Party's candidate for the gubernatorial election in Aceh, Zaini Abdullah, was elected with a comfortable majority in the election held in 2012.


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