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Parthenope (Greek: Παρθενόπη) may refer to:

  • Parthenope, one of the Sirens in Greek mythology
  • in Greek mythology, the daughter of Ancaeus, king of Samos, and Samia, daughter of Meander, the river-god. She was the mother of Lycomedes.
  • a Greek settlement now part of the Italian city of Naples; see History of Naples
  • the Parthenopaean Republic, a short-lived republic established in Naples during the French Revolution, named for the ancient Greek settlement
  • Frances Parthenope Verney, Parthenope Nightingale, the elder sister of Florence Nightingale and wife of Sir Harry Verney, named after her place of birth in Naples
  • Partenope, a 1730 opera by George Frideric Handel
  • Partenope (Zumaya), a 1711 opera by Manuel de Zumaya
  • 11 Parthenope, an asteroid