Parti Fierté Montréal

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Parti Fierté Montréal
Active municipal party
Leader Michel Bédard

Parti Fierté Montréal (English: Montreal Pride Party) is a small municipal political party in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It fronted its own candidate, Michel Bédard[1] for the mayorship of Montreal in the municipal elections in 2009.

During his electoral campaign, Mr. Bédard protested because of his exclusion from an election debate on Société Radio-Canada on equal footing with the candidates of the three major parties Union Montréal, Vision Montréal and Projet Montréal, but his request to join in the debate was rejected.[2] During the actual elections, he brought in just 5,297 votes, 1.26% of the electorate.

Presently the Parti Fierté Montréal has no councillors in Montreal's city government.