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National Party

Parti Negara
FounderOnn Jaafar
FoundedFebruary 1954
Dissolved19 January 1962
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The Parti Negara (Malay for "National Party," also spelled Party Negara) was a Malay-based political party which was formed by former leaders of the Independence of Malaya Party in 1953, and formally launched in February 1954. Its founder was Dato Sir Onn Jaafar, the first president of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), after Onn lost an internal power struggle.

The party, which was constitutionally multi-ethnic, sought to create a niche for itself as a third force in the late fifties and early sixties but it failed miserably. The party did not gain significant support within the Malay community, and was derided by the UMNO-led Alliance for its alleged chauvinism. The only parliamentary seat Parti Negara ever won was in the 1959 general elections in Terengganu, by Onn himself.

With the death of Onn in 1962, Parti Negara eventually died a natural political demise. The seat that Onn won was won back by the Alliance in the subsequent by-election.