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Logo of Mexican Workers' Party

The Mexican Workers' Party (in Spanish: Partido Mexicano de los Trabajadores, PMT) was an old Mexican political party of left, that had legal registration in the 1980s, its main political figures were Heberto Castillo and Demetrio Vallejo.

The PMT had its origin in the years of Student Movement of 1968, especially the Tlatelolco massacre, and with the participation of noticeable intellectuals and social fighters as Heberto Castillo, Carlos Fuentes, Octavio Paz and Luis Villoro that gave origin of National Committee of Auscultation and Coordination, after the exit of some of these personages, was constituted in political party in 1975, but would manage to obtain its registration to 1984, participating in the Legislative elections of 1985.

In 1987 and in an effort to unify the different forces of the left in Mexico, the PMT and the Unified Socialist Party of Mexico fused and created the new Mexican Socialist Party, two years later this would be the main origin of the Party of the Democratic Revolution.

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