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Partington railway station.jpg
Remains of Partington station (2009)
Place Partington
Area Trafford
Grid reference SJ724917
Original company Cheshire Lines Committee
Pre-grouping Cheshire Lines Committee
Post-grouping Cheshire Lines Committee
Platforms 2
May 1874 Station opened
29 May 1893 Station resited
30 November 1964 Station closed
Disused railway stations in the United Kingdom
Closed railway stations in Britain
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Partington railway station was situated on the Cheshire Lines Committee route between Warrington and Stockport.[1] It served the locality between 1874 and 1964.


A 1903 Railway Clearing House map showing (left) railways in the vicinity of Partington

The line between Skelton West Junction and Cressington Junction was opened for goods traffic on 1 March 1873, with passenger trains beginning on 1 August 1873.[2] The first station named Partington was opened on that line in May 1874.[3]

The construction of the Manchester Ship Canal, which was to cross the line between Partington and Cadishead, meant that the railway had to be raised by 43 feet (13 m) in order to give a 75-foot (23 m) clearance for shipping. A new line, parallel to the old but slightly to the south-west, was built on embankments formed using the soil excavated from the new canal; it included the new Cadishead Viaduct. The new line was brought into use for goods traffic on 27 February 1893; a new Partington station was built on that line, and passenger traffic was transferred from the old line to the new on 29 May 1893, in plenty of time for the opening of the Ship Canal on 1 January 1894.[3][4] The new station was 191 miles 23 chains (307.8 km) from London St Pancras, and 26 miles 36 chains (42.6 km) from Liverpool Central.[5]

The second station was closed on 30 November 1964.[3]


Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Line and station closed
  Cheshire Lines Committee
Glazebrook East Junction to Skelton Junction Line
  West Timperley
Line and station closed


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