Partisan Records

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Partisan Records
Founded 2007 (2007)
Founder Ian Wheeler
Tim Putnam
Distributor(s) ADA
Genre Various
Country of origin U.S.
Location Brooklyn, New York
Official website

Partisan Records is an American independent record label based in Brooklyn, New York.[1] It was started in 2007 by Ian Wheeler and Tim Putnam. Their first releases were an expanded version of Holy Sons' (Emil Amos of Om and Grails) Decline of the West and The Standard's fifth studio album Swimmer. In late September 2008, Partisan Records announced that it had signed indie folk group Deer Tick.[2] Partisan re-issued Deer Tick's full-length debut War Elephant on November 11, 2008.[3]

Partisan Records also opened a European office based in Hammersmith, London under ex-Island Records and RCA marketing manager Adam Shearer.


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