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Partners is a cross and circle game for four players, working together in pairs. The gameplay is similar to Ludo, Parcheesi and many other cross and circle games. As in Sorry!, moves are decided by cards (not by dice throws), but unlike Sorry!, the cards are played from a hand of four cards. Among the cards available are cards that move pieces backwards, and cards that allow swapping any two pieces that are in circuit, including enemy pieces. The object is for each pair to get their total of 8 pieces lined up in the goal area. The obvious way is to move the pieces around the board, but e.g. using a card to move a piece backwards enables some shortcuts. Unlike Sorry! with partners, cards cannot be used to move the partner's pieces, except in the endplay, but the partners swap one card after each deal, without knowing each other's hands.

The game was designed by the Dane Thomas Bisgaard in 1998 and is marketed by Game InVentorS.


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