Parts of the Process (The Very Best of Morcheeba)

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Parts of the Process
Parts Of The Process.jpg
Greatest hits album by Morcheeba
Released June 30, 2003
Genre Trip hop, electronica
Label Warner Bros.
Morcheeba chronology
Parts of the Process (The Very Best of Morcheeba)
The Antidote
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars [1]

Parts of the Process is a greatest hits album by the British electronica band Morcheeba.

The album includes all of the songs released as singles except for "Shoulder Holster". It also contains the non-single tracks "Over And Over" (from the 1998 album Big Calm) and "What New York Couples Fight About" (from the 2002 album Charango), as well as the previously unreleased songs "What's Your Name" and "Can't Stand It".

"What's Your Name", which features a rap verse by Big Daddy Kane, was released as a single to accompany the album. The video showed the members of Morcheeba in a club setting set in a vector image.[clarification needed]

Tracks on the album were remastered to make them sound louder than their originals.

Around the time of the release, Morcheeba also released the DVD Morcheeba: From Brixton To Beijing, which contained performances of a large catalogue of Morcheeba's songs.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Sea"
  2. "Tape Loop"
  3. "Otherwise"
  4. "Blindfold"
  5. "Be Yourself"
  6. "Part of the Process"
  7. "Let Me See"
  8. "Undress Me Now"
  9. "What's Your Name" (featuring Big Daddy Kane)
  10. "Trigger Hippie"
  11. "Rome Wasn't Built in a Day"
  12. "Over and Over"
  13. "What New York Couples Fight About" (featuring Kurt Wagner)
  14. "World Looking In"
  15. "Moog Island"
  16. "Way Beyond"
  17. "Never an Easy Way"
  18. "Can't Stand It"