Party (The Blue Hearts song)

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Single by The Blue Hearts
from the album Dug Out[1]
A-side "'Party'"
B-side "'Chance'"
Released August 25, 1993
Recorded Avaco Creative Studio
Genre Rock
Length 10m03s
Label East West Japan
Songwriter(s) Hiroto Kōmoto
Producer(s) The Blue Hearts
The Blue Hearts singles chronology
"'1000 no Violin'"

1000 no Violin

Party (パーティー, Paatii) was the sixteenth single by the Japanese band The Blue Hearts and reached #80 on the Oricon charts in 1993. It was part of the band's seventh album, Dug Out, and was the worst selling single that was released by a major label for the band. The music and lyrics were written by Hiroto Kōmoto.


In addition to the original versions of "Party" and the B-side track "Chance" (チャンス Chansu), karaoke versions of both songs were also included on the CD. "Chance" was written by Masatoshi Mashima.


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