Party Fever

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Party Fever
Our Gang Party Fever 1938.jpg
Directed by George Sidney
Produced by Jack Chertok for MGM
Written by Hal Law
Robert A. McGowan
Starring Darla Hood
Eugene Lee
Carl Switzer
Music by David Snell
Cinematography Robert Pittack
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date
  • August 27, 1938 (1938-08-27)
Running time
9' 31"
Country United States
Language English

Party Fever is a 1938 Our Gang short comedy film directed by George Sidney. It was the 170th Our Gang short (171st episode, 82nd talking short, 83rd talking episode, and second MGM produced episode) that was released.


Once again, Alfalfa and Butch are bitter rivals for the affections of Darla. The nerdish Waldo comes up with a solution: Alfalfa and Butch will compete for the title of Junior Mayor of Greenpoint during Boys' Week, and whichever one wins will earn the honor of escorting Darla to the annual Strawberry Festival. But despite the strenuous efforts of both young candidates, a "dark horse" wins not only the election, but also the girl.[1]


The Gang[edit]

Additional cast[edit]

Crowd extras[edit]

Grace Bohanon, Bobby Callahan, Payne Johnson, Harold Switzer, Laura June Williams


Party Fever was the fifth consecutive entry made without George McFarland as Spanky, who was still on loan to other studios. It was also the last episode in which Pete the Pup would appear. MGM's producers felt that it was time to retire him in order to modernize the series.[2]

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