Party Founding Museum

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Party Founding Museum
Party Foundation Museum.jpg
Party Founding Museum
Korean name
Chosŏn'gŭl 당창건사적관
Hancha 創建事蹟
Revised Romanization Dang changgeon sajeokgwan
McCune–Reischauer Tang ch'anggŏn sajŏkgwan

Coordinates: 39°0′43″N 125°44′34″E / 39.01194°N 125.74278°E / 39.01194; 125.74278

The Party Founding Museum is a museum located in the Central District of Pyongyang, North Korea,[1][2] on the south side of Mt. Haebang.[1] The building was constructed by the Japanese occupation government in 1923. It was used as the South P'yŏngan Provincial Products Exhibition.[citation needed] After his return to Korea after World War II, Kim Il-sung is alleged to have founded the Korean Worker's Party in this building on October 10, 1945, and here were held many of that group's first meetings. Thus, in October 1970 it was turned into a museum dedicated to his exploits. Nearby, and also part of the museum, is the modest house he inhabited during his early days as president of North Korea.[3]

The building's architecture is of the typical Japanese colonial style; it is blocky and formal, and built out of dark gray stone.[citation needed] The roof of the building is modeled after the Imperial Diet Building in Tokyo.[2]

The first floor features an exhibition of photos and artifacts, while the second floor is preserved in its original historic appearance.[4] A conference hall, a lounge, and two office rooms used by Kim Il-sung are preserved.[1]

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