Party Line (film)

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Party Line
Party Line FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by William Webb
Produced by Kurt Anderson
Tom Byrnes
William Webb
Written by Richard Brandes
Tom Byrnes (story)
Starring Richard Roundtree
Leif Garrett
Terence McGovern
Richard Brandes
Music by Sam Sorenson
Cinematography John Huneck
Edited by Paul Koval
Distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment
SVS Video
Release date
  • October 1988 (1988-10)
Running time
91 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Party Line is a 1988 independent slasher film directed by William Webb. The film focuses on two killer siblings who lure married men from a party line so her disturbed brother (Leif Garrett) can slit their throats with a straight razor. Richard Hatch is the detective investigating the deaths with Richard Roundtree playing his captain.


Actor Character
Richard Roundtree Captain Barnes
Leif Garrett Seth
Terence McGovern (as Terrence McGovern) Simmons
Richard Brandes Rick
Richard Hatch Dan
Shawn Weatherly Stacy
James O'Sullivan Henry
Greta Blackburn Angelina
Shelli Place Mrs. Simmons
Marty Dudek Butch
Karen Mayo-Chandler Sugar Lips
James Paradise Victim
Hank Baumert Fernando
Lee Nicholl Herk
Angela Gibbs Beth
John T. Olsen I.D. Cop
Edd Byrnes (as Ed Byrnes) Maitre d'

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