Party for Justice, Action and Progress

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Azure, billetty Or a lion with a coronet Or armed and langued Gules holding in his dexter paw a sword Argent hilted Or and in the sinister paw seven arrows Argent pointed and bound together Or. [The seven arrows stand for the seven provinces of the Union of Utrecht.] The shield is crowned with the (Dutch) royal crown and supported by two lions Or armed and langued gules. They stand on a scroll Azure with the text (Or) "Je Maintiendrai" (French for "I will maintain".)
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The Party for Justice, Action and Progress (Partij voor Rechtvaardigheid, Daadkracht en Vooruitgang) was a political party in the Netherlands without parliamentary representation. It was founded May 2005 by the crime journalist Peter R. de Vries. The abbreviation of the party's name, PRDV, is also his initials. It is the former name of 50PLUS, the Seniors Party.

On 31 October 2005, he presented his plans that mainly focused on changing the existing political culture in the Netherlands. To prove his point, he stated that an opinion poll on 16 December would decide whether he would actually continue his party or not, with a 41% cut-off point. Since only 31.4% thought De Vries would be a gain for Dutch politics, he decided to disband the party.[1]