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Party for Socialism and Liberation

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Party for Socialism and Liberation
LeaderCentral Committee[1]
FoundedJune 18, 2004; 20 years ago (2004-06-18)[1]
Split fromWorkers World Party
NewspaperLiberation News
Political positionFar-left
International affiliationInternational Peoples' Assembly[8]
Colors  Red
Elected offices0
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The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) is a communist party in the United States. PSL was established in 2004, when its members split from the Workers World Party. The group believes that a socialist revolution is necessary to overthrow capitalism and establish socialism.[7] The organization works toward this end by organizing and participating in local protests, running candidates in elections, and political education favoring a revolutionary socialist vanguard party.

Notable members include Gloria La Riva, Michael Prysner, Eugene Puryear, Jodi Dean and Claudia de la Cruz. In 2022, PSL said it had members in "over 100 cities".[9] PSL does not release membership numbers.[10]


PSL protesters at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

PSL was formed in June 2004[1] when the San Francisco branch of the Marcyite[11] Workers World Party left the organization. The San Francisco branch, alongside other members, announced that "the Workers World Party leadership is no longer capable of fulfilling [the] mission" of building socialism.[4] PSL co-founders included Richard Becker,[4] Brian Becker,[12] Gloria La Riva,[4] and Eugene Puryear.[12]

At least five PSL members were arrested in 2020 during protests against the Aurora police department.[13][14]

Associated groups[edit]

PSL is a founding member of the ANSWER Coalition,[15][16] which has close ties to PSL leadership. ANSWER's National Coordinator is Brian Becker,[17] a PSL co-founder who said "we do a great deal of work through" ANSWER.[2]

PSL leadership are closely involved with The People's Forum and BreakThrough News. Anchors on BreakThrough News include Becker and PSL 2016 vice-presidential candidate Puryear.[12] Becker also co-hosted a show with John Kiriakou on Radio Sputnik[18][19] of the RT state media network.

PSL is closely tied to the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research and its founder, Vijay Prashad, who has often appeared on BreakThrough News.[12]

PSL was closely tied to Women Organized to Resist and Defend (WORD or W.O.R.D.), a feminist organization led by PSL core members Peta Lindsay and Gloria La Riva. WORD was founded in 2012 and ceased operation in 2016. WORD protested for abortion access.[20]


PSL's main publication is the website and monthly paper Liberation News,[21] which replaced PSL's quarterly magazine, Socialism and Liberation.[22] PSL's secondary publication, Liberation School, includes longer articles, Party documents, study guides, and other educational materials.[23] PSL also publishes a quarterly magazine targeting women titled Breaking the Chains: A Socialist Perspective on Women's Liberation,[24] and a monthly Reds In Ed newsletter aimed at schoolteachers.[25]


A PSL supporter protesting against the 2021 killing of Ma'Khia Bryant

PSL identifies as a Leninist party[26][27] or Marxist-Leninist party.[4][28][29][30] Independent sources have labelled the PSL as Marxist-Leninist,[3][5][6] Marcyite,[31][32] and campist.[33][31][34]

PSL describes its primary goal as the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism and the institution of state socialism as a transitionary stage toward a communist society, stating that "humanity today has only two choices: an increasingly destructive capitalism, or socialism".[7][35]

PSL is a democratic centralist party, which means that "all members, including those who disagree, are duty bound to publicly defend and carry out" all PSL decisions.[36] PSL's highest body is its Party Congress, held every 2 to 3 years, which selects its Central Committee leadership.[36] The PSL Central Committee can appoint up to 40% of Congress delegates.[36] PSL allows a one-month "discussion period" before each Congress. However, "the pre-Congress discussion" is "a completely internal discussion".[36]

Russian invasion of Ukraine[edit]

PSL supported the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea.[37][38] While PSL did not support the 2022 Russian invasion, it blamed the war on US-led NATO expansion and the "plight of ethnic Russians" in the Donbas.[39]

Syrian civil war[edit]

PSL opposes US intervention in the Syrian Civil War, and has generally been supportive of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and Russian military efforts in Syria.[40][41][42][43] PSL denies the conclusion of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)[44] and other international organizations[45][46] that the Syrian government used chemical weapons, which are banned under the Chemical Weapons Convention.[47][40]

Soviet Union[edit]

PSL describes the Soviet Union positively.[48] However, PSL argued that the New Economic Policy of Vladimir Lenin "led to a re-polarization of social classes, especially in the countryside".[48] PSL blames the reforms initiated by Mikhail Gorbachev for the dissolution of the Soviet Union.[48]


PSL views the Chinese Communist Revolution favorably,[49] argues that the Chinese Communist Party has made important contributions to socialism and anti-imperialism, and argues that, despite its flaws, a "militant political defense of the Chinese government" is necessary to stave off "counterrevolution, imperialist intervention and dismemberment".[50][51] PSL has sometimes criticized the Chinese government, particularly for failing communist ideals like the abolition of private property.[50]

PSL has generally defended China's human rights records, denying, for instance, that the Chinese military massacred student protestors in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and massacre.[52] PSL supports China's policies towards Tibet[53] and opposed the 2019–2020 Hong Kong protests, calling them "chauvinist", "separatist", and "anti-China".[54][55]

North Korea[edit]

PSL argues that North Korea is unfairly targeted and advocates the lifting of sanctions, withdrawal of US troops from South Korea, and signing of a peace treaty.[56][57][58] PSL supports North Korea's nuclear weapons program.[59][60] For example, Stephan Gowans argued in 2013 in PSL's official newspaper that a North Korean nuclear arsenal is "to be welcomed by anyone who opposes imperialist military interventions; supports the right of a people to organize its affairs free from foreign domination; and has an interest in the survival of one of the few top-to-bottom, actually-existing, alternatives to the global capitalist system of oppression, exploitation and foreign domination".[61] PSL has also expressed skepticism towards Western claims of North Korea's human rights record,[62][63] arguing that "conditions in North Korea are vastly better than those in other developing countries" and stating that condemnations of North Korea's human rights records are "thinly veiled justification[s] for U.S. aggression toward North Korea".[63]

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict[edit]

PSL supports a free Palestine, ending US aid to Israel, and freeing of all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.[64] On October 8, one day after the Re'im music festival massacre, PSL Central Committee member Eugene Puryear helped organize a rally in support of Palestine in Times Square,[65] in which he stated: "[T]here was some sort of rave or desert party where they were having a great time, until the resistance came in electrified hang gliders and took at least several dozen hipsters, and I'm sure they're doing very fine despite what the New York Post says".[66][67]

Election results[edit]

PSL has fielded electoral candidates for local, state, and federal offices. PSL candidates usually run as independent candidates or as third party candidates, such as with the Peace and Freedom Party or the Green Party.

No PSL candidate has yet won an election.

Presidential elections[edit]

Year Presidential candidate Vice presidential candidate Popular votes % Electoral votes Result Ballot access Notes Ref
2024 Claudia de la Cruz Karina Garcia T.B.D T.B.D T.B.D T.B.D T.B.D The Peace and Freedom Party also nominated de la Cruz [68]
2020 Gloria La Riva Sunil Freeman[a] 86,239
0 Lost
191 / 538
The Peace and Freedom Party also nominated La Riva.[b] [69][70]
2016 Gloria La Riva Eugene Puryear 74,027
0 Lost
112 / 538
The Peace and Freedom Party also nominated La Riva, with Dennis Banks as her running mate.[c] [71]
2012 Peta Lindsay Yari Osorio 7,791
0 Lost
146 / 538
2008 Gloria La Riva Eugene Puryear 6,818
0 Lost
137 / 538

PSL ran La Riva and Sunil Freeman in the 2020 United States presidential election.[74][75] Originally Leonard Peltier was the vice-presidential nominee, but he withdrew for health reasons.[76][77][78]

Congressional elections[edit]

Year Candidate Chamber State District Votes % Result Notes Ref
2022 José Cortés House California CA-51 3,327
Lost ran as Peace and Freedom Party candidate; did not advance to top-two general [79]
2020 José Cortés House California CA-50 1,821
Lost ran as Peace and Freedom Party candidate; did not advance to top-two general [80][81]
2018 Jordan Mills House California CA-49 233
Lost ran as Peace and Freedom Party candidate; did not advance to top-two general [82][83]
2014 Frank Lara House California CA-12 2,107
Lost ran as Peace and Freedom Party candidate; did not advance to top-two general [84][85]
2010 Gloria La Riva House California CA-8 5,161
Lost ran as Peace and Freedom Party candidate [86]
2008 Nathalie Hrizi House California CA-12 5,793
Lost ran as Peace and Freedom Party candidate; did not advance to top-two general [87][88]
2008 Michael Prysner House Florida FL-22 6
Lost ran as write-in candidate [89][90][73]

State elections[edit]

Year Candidate Office State District Votes % Result Notes Ref
2024 Kevin Martinez State Assembly California 6 1,861
Lost ran as Peace and Freedom Party candidate [91]
2022 Noah Leininger State House Indiana 90 259
Lost ran as write-in candidate [92]
2022 Nathalie Hrizi Insurance Commissioner California N/A 189,289
Lost ran as Peace and Freedom Party candidate [93]
2022 Meghann Adams State Treasurer California N/A 242,234
Lost ran as Peace and Freedom Party candidate [94]
2021 Ernesto Huerta State Senate California 30 1,565
Lost ran as Peace and Freedom Party candidate [95]
2018 Gloria La Riva Governor California N/A 19,075
Lost ran as Peace and Freedom Party candidate [96]
2018 Nathalie Hrizi Insurance Commissioner California N/A 309,399
Lost ran as Peace and Freedom Party candidate [97]
2017 John Prysner State Assembly California 51 232
Lost ran as Peace and Freedom Party candidate [98]
2014 Nathalie Hrizi Insurance Commissioner California N/A 212,991
Lost ran as Peace and Freedom Party candidate [99]
2010 Carlos Alvarez Governor California N/A 92,856
Lost ran as Peace and Freedom Party candidate [100]
2010 Corey Ansel State House Ohio 22 716
Lost ran as Green Party candidate [101]
2008 Heather Benno State House Illinois 40 2,276
Lost ran as Green Party candidate [102]
2008 John Beachem State House Illinois 14 4,745
Lost ran as Green Party candidate [102]
2008 Lucilla Esguerra State Assembly California 48 11,173
Lost ran as Peace and Freedom Party candidate [103]

Local elections[edit]

Year Candidate Office City District Votes % Result Notes Ref
2024 Eduardo Vargas City Council Los Angeles 14 1,638
Lost non-partisan election [104]
2023 Ana Santoyo City Council Chicago 45 895
Lost non-partisan election [105]
2021 Colin Dodson City Council Urbana 2 57
Lost ran as Party for Socialism and Liberation candidate [106][107]
2021 Cathy Rojas Mayor New York N/A 27,982
Lost ran as Party for Socialism and Liberation candidate [108][109]
2014 Eugene Puryear City Council Washington D.C. At-Large 12,525
Lost ran as D.C. Statehood Green Party candidate [110]
2010 Stevie Merino Mayor Long Beach N/A 5,057
Lost non-partisan election [111]
2009 Carlos Alvarez Mayor Los Angeles N/A 3,047
Lost non-partisan election [112]
2009 Francisca Villar Mayor New York N/A 3,517
Lost ran as Party for Socialism and Liberation candidate [113]
2008 Stephen Hinze Board of Supervisors Los Angeles 5 29,875
Lost non-partisan election [114]
2008 Marylou Cabral Board of Supervisors Los Angeles 4 23,703
Lost non-partisan election [115]
2008 Amanda Todd City Council Sioux Falls Unknown Unknown
Lost unk [116]
2008 Sergio Farias City Council San Juan Capistrano Unknown 1,133
Lost unk [117][118]

National conventions[edit]

Name Date Location Report Program Constitution
Founding Convention June 18-20, 2004 San Francisco, CA Convention report Founding statement
1st National Convention 2005 Program
2nd National Convention February 18-20, 2006 San Francisco, CA Convention report
3rd National Convention June 2007
1st Party Congress February 13-15, 2010 Los Angeles, CA Convention report Program
2nd Party Congress February 2013 Program
3rd Party Congress April 1-3, 2016 San Francisco, CA Convention report Program
4th Party Congress August 2019 Program
5th Party Congress July 2022 Program Constitution

Notable members[edit]

See also[edit]


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