Christian Democracy (Italy, 2004)

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Christian Democracy
Democrazia Cristiana
President Filippo Marino
Secretary Angelo Sandri
Founded 24 July 2004
Split from Christian Democracy (2002)
Headquarters Via A. Ugolini 28, Rome
Newspaper Il Popolo - online
Ideology Christian democracy, Popularism
European affiliation none
International affiliation none

Christian Democracy (Democrazia Cristiana, DC), also known as Christian Democracy – Third Pole of the Centre (Democrazia Cristiana – Terzo Polo di Centro), is a minor Christian-democratic political party in Italy. It was founded in July 2004 by Angelo Sandri as a split from the Christian Democracy (2002). Since the split, the party has taken part in long legal battles on the property of the symbol and the name of the original Christian Democracy with its rival party.

In the 2007 local elections, the party formed a temporary alliance with the Christian Democracy for the Autonomies of Gianfranco Rotondi, while in the 2008 general election it was part of the Union of the Centre alliance led by Pier Ferdinando Casini. Since then, it has regained its autonomy.

In February 2012, the PDC was joined by Rebirth of Christian Democracy (RDC), whose leader Carlo Senaldi was appointed president of the party.[1]

On the occasion of the 2013 general election the Christian Democracy joined People's Agreement, the new party founded by Giampiero Catone.[2]

In July 2014 the Secretary Angelo Sandri has been disheartened by a part of the National Council and the President Anna Ciammetti was named commissioner of the party. However, Sandri did not accept the decision and expelled Ciammetti and her supporters from the party.



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