Party of Democratic Action of Croatia

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Party of Democratic Action
of Croatia

Stranka demokratske akcije Hrvatske
Leader Šemso Tanković
Founded 20 June 1990 (1990-06-20)[1]
Headquarters Zagreb, Croatia
Membership  (2011) 4,877
Ideology Bosniak minority interests,
Islamic democracy,
Social conservativism
Political position Centre-right
Colors Green
0 / 151

The Party of Democratic Action of Croatia (Croatian and Bosnian: Stranka demokratske akcije Hrvatske) is a political party that represents the Bosniak ethnic minority in Croatia. It is a branch of the Party of Democratic Action in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Its leader Šemso Tanković was a member of Croatian Parliament, elected on the minority list in the 2003 election and in the 2007 election.


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