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Party of Economic Revival (Ukrainian: Партія економічного відродження) was a political party in Ukraine set up by former communists in Crimea in November 1992 as Party of Economic Revival of Crimea.[1][2] It was suspected of having ties with organized crime.[3][4][5][6] The party was dissolved by the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice in 2003.[7]


During the Ukrainian parliamentary election 1994 the party was represented in the Verkhovna Rada after winning 1 consistency seat.[8] In 1994 the party became part of coalition backing the Council of Ministers of Crimea (Crimean government).[9]

During the Ukrainian parliamentary election 1998 the party was part of the Electoral bloc NEP with the Democratic Party of Ukraine, the combination won 1,22% of the national vote.[10][11] The Democratic Party of Ukraine won 1 (single-mandate constituency) seat, the Party of Economic Revival did not win any seats.[12]

The party did not participate in the Ukrainian parliamentary election 2002.[13] It was dissolved by the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice in 2003.[7]

Party member Anushavan Danielyan, a vice-speaker of the Supreme Council of Crimea in the 1990s, was appointed Prime Minister of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic in 1999.[4][5][14][15]


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