Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Ukraine

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Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Ukraine
Founded August 4, 2000 (2000-20-04)[1]
Political position Centre[2]
International affiliation None
Colours White

The Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Партія промисловців i підприємців України) is a political party in Ukraine registered in April 2000.[1] Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Anatoliy Kinakh is one of its most noticeable members.[3]


At the parliamentary elections on 30 March 2002, the party was part of the For United Ukraine alliance.[1] Party leader Anatoliy Kinakh was First Vice Prime Minister in the first Tymoshenko Government[4][5]

At the parliamentary elections on 26 March 2006, the party took part in the new Our Ukraine bloc.[1] At the early parliamentary elections parliamentary on September 30, 2007, party-members participated in the elections on the Party of Regions election-list.[6]

In the 2010 local elections the party won 1 representatives in 3 regional parliaments and 6 in the Lviv Oblast.[7]

The party did not participate in the 2012 parliamentary elections.[8] And again not in the 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary election.[9]

Election results[edit]

Supreme Council of Ukraine
Year Popular vote  % of popular vote Overall seats won Seat change Government
2002 For United Ukraine bloc
6 / 450
Increase 6 coalition government
2006 Our Ukraine bloc
0 / 450
Decrease 22 coalition government
2007 joined Party of Regions opposition
2012 X


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