Party of New Liberals

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Party of New Liberals

Κόμμα Νεοφιλελευθέρων
FounderKonstantinos Mitsotakis
Merged intoNew Democracy
IdeologyLiberal conservatism
Social Liberalism
Political positionCentre-right

The Party of New Liberals (Greek: Κόμμα των Νεοφιλελευθέρων) was a shortly lived liberal political party in Greece.

The party was founded by Constantine Mitsotakis in 1977. It took part in only one election, that of 1977, where it obtained 1.08% of the vote and two seats in the Hellenic Parliament (the other seat being filled by Pavlos Vardinoyannis).

The New Liberals merged into the New Democracy party in 1978.