Party of Slovenian People

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Party of Slovenian People
Stranka slovenskega naroda
Leader Janica L. Millonig, Miha Majc
Founded 1994
Split from Slovenian National Party
Headquarters Maribor
Ideology Slovenian nationalism
Direct democracy
Soft euroscepticism
International affiliation None
Colours Sky blue

The Party of Slovenian People (Stranka slovenskega naroda, SSN) is an extra-parliamentary party in Slovenia. In the 2008 legislative election in Slovenia, the party won 0.25% of the popular vote and no seats in the National Assembly. In the early election on 4 December 2011, the party won 0.09% of the vote, thus not gaining any seats in the National Assembly.[1] The party won 0.4% of the vote in the European Parliament election on 25 May 2014, failing to gain any seats.[2]

The party has its roots in the far-right Slovenian National Right party, which was transformed and renamed after its failure in the 1996 parliamentary election.[3] In later years, it was associated with the nationalistic organization Hervardi.[4][5] Andrej Šiško, formerly a prominent member of the ultras group "Viole Maribor," and the party's candidate for the 2008 legislative election, was convicted of a murder attempt.[6]


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