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The Party of Social Democrats (Partito dei Socialdemocratici, PSD) is a tiny social-democratic Italian political party.

It was founded in December 1994 as European Liberal Social Democracy (Socialdemocrazia Liberale Europea, SOLE) by Enrico Ferri and Luigi Preti, both historical leaders of the Italian Democratic Socialist Party (PSDI).[1][2][3] Since its foundation, the party sided with the centre-right.[4]

In 1995 SOLE formed in federation with the Christian Democratic Centre (CCD).[5] During that period Enrico Ferri was even nominated Vice President of CCD, while Luigi Preti insisted for an alliance with Forza Italia (FI). Finally in 1998 also Ferri decided to join FI, with which he was re-elected MEP in 1999.

Since 1999 Luigi Preti was completely in charge of the party. From that moment the party changed many times its name until the current one. The PSD, which was part of the Socialist Party in 2001-2001, is now a tiny party in the House of Freedoms coalition. For the 2006 general election it forged an alliance with the Christian Democracy for Autonomies and the New Italian Socialist Party, but it did not elect any MP.

In 2006 the PSD formed a federation with Sergio De Gregorio's party, Italians in the World. In 2007 also former PSDI leader Franco Nicolazzi joined the PSD. Since Preti's death in 2009, the party was led by Vittorino Navarra.



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