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The Social Democratic Rebirth (Rinascita Socialdemocratica), whose complete name is Movement of Social Democratic Rebirth (Movimento di Rinascita Socialdemocratica), is a tiny social-democratic Italian political party.

The party was founded by Luigi Preti on 17 February 1996 with a split from European Liberal Social Democracy (Socialdemocrazia Liberale Europea, SOLE) of Enrico Ferri,[1] who wanted to federate the movement with the Christian Democratic Centre, while Luigi Preti insisted for an alliance with Forza Italia.[2]

In 2000 Social Democratic Rebirth federated itself with the Socialist Party, that so changed its name into Socialist Party − Social Democracy (Partito Socialista − Socialdemocrazia).

In 2001 Social Democratic Rebirth changed its name into Social Democratic Party (Partito Socialdemocratico).[3]

In 2006 the PSD formed a federation with Sergio De Gregorio's party, Italians in the World. After the legal recourse to the court of Rome by Giorgio Carta (leader of the Italian Democratic Socialist Party) against the name and the logo of the PSD, in 2007 the party, through an extrajudicial settlement, decided to resolve the controversy returning to the old name Social Democratic Rebirth.[4]

In 2007 also the former PSDI leader Franco Nicolazzi joined the party, that was renamed Party of Social Democrats (Partito dei Socialdemocratici). However, after some divergences between the two groups into the party, there was a split: Luigi Preti and Vittorino Navarra maintained the name of Social Democratic Rebirth, while the Nicolazzi's group obtained the name of Party of Social Democrats. Since Preti's death in 2009, the party was led by Vittorino Navarra.



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