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The Party of Sicilians (Italian: Partito dei Siciliani, PdS) is an regionalist political party in Italy, which is the regional section of the Movement for the Autonomies (MpA) in Sicily.

In the run-up of the 2012 Sicilian regional election Raffaele Lombardo, President of Sicily and MpA leader, decided not stand for re-election, but wanted to reinfornce the regionalist path traced by his party. In August 2012 it was announced that the Sicilian section of the MpA would be renamed.[1][2] The newly formed PdS supported Gianfranco Micciché for President, as part of a "Sicilianist" coalition including also Micciché's Great South (GS), the Sicilian People's Movement and the local wing of Future and Freedom.[3] Micciché won 15.4% of the vote and the PdS obtained a mere 9.5%.[4]

The PdS/MpA failed to pass the electoral thresholds in the 2013 general election (the GS–MpA got a mere 0.4% nationally in the Chamber race,[5] while the PdS regional list for the Senate garnered just 2.2% of the vote),[5] but, thanks to an agreement with The People of Freedom, had one deputy (Angelo Attaguile) and two senators (Antonio Scavone and Pippo Compagnone) elected.[6] Attaguile chose to team up with Lega Nord in the "Lega Nord–Autonomies" parliamentary group.[7]


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