Parvathipuram, Andhra Pradesh

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Parvathipuram is located in Andhra Pradesh
Location in Andhra Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 18°46′48″N 83°25′30″E / 18.78°N 83.425°E / 18.78; 83.425Coordinates: 18°46′48″N 83°25′30″E / 18.78°N 83.425°E / 18.78; 83.425
Country India
State Andhra Pradesh
District Vizianagaram
 • MLA Bobbili Chiranjeevulu
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 53,844
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 535 501
Telephone code 91–8963
Vehicle registration AP–35
Website Parvathipuram Municipality

Parvathipuram is a municipality in Parvathipuram mandal, located in Vizianagaram district of Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It belongs to Parvathipuram revenue division.[1][2]


PARVATIPURAM; has been named after Parvatamma of belagam zamindar s family Division Vizagpatam district area 799 square miles, population Non agency 109185 Agency 40359 Language Telugu in the plains Oriya and khond in Narayanapatna Agency North inland talook of district Brindavin north Rayagada coraput ad Gunupore divisions,west Bobbili and Saloor divisions, South: Palakonda division, east Goonpur division Physical aspect undulating with small rocky hills in the south .The north is occupied by lofty portion of the eastern ghat . Soil regon red ferruginous white and gray calcareous and arenaceous soils Brass and bell metal and copper vessels are made Iron is manufactured .cloths of ordinary description are made Gold and Silver ornaments also manufactured.There is much trade in the hill produce like Lac, horns & skins, wax Turmeric ,drugs and dyes . Irrigated by numerous tanes. Places of archaeological interest: Belaagam coorupam Parvatipuram The leading places & c in the division are the following : BELAGAM : see separate title Coorupam; see separate title Langulia : see separate title Lachimipuram (Lakshmipuram) see separate title Merangi see separate title

MRUTUNJAYANAGARAM; Mrutunjayanagaram called aftere the zamindar of that name ,Zamindari village population 1541 Latitude of the village 18 degrees 25" from Parvatipuram west 4 miles,from Vizagpatam North 74 miles .The village was built by Mrutyunjaya the present Zamindar of Sangamvalasa. The founder of the family was a retainer of Ramachandra Deo successor of Viswambharadeo of Jeypore , who made him Zamindar of Sangamvalasa with the title of NISSANKA BAHADUR .These chiefs were dispossessed with the other hill zamindars by Vizianagaram in 1769 and admitted to a towjee. In 1796 the estate was restored to the representatives of the eldest branch Nissanka Vencanna with Nissanka vencanna the permananat settlement was made THE assessment being Rs.6700/- Vencanna was succeeded by his son Peddanna owing to whose mental incapacity the estate was placed under Court of Wards in 1820.He died in 1829 and shortly after his posthumous son Mrityunjaya was recognised as his heir .The latter ,on coming of the age in 1847 was put into possession of the estate, He left the old fort and Sangamvalasa ,built a good tiled house about 2 miles to the east and callled it with the surrounding houses Mrutyunjayanagaram ; after his own name. The chiefs belong to condavaru tribe . NARAYANAPATNAM": N arayanapatnam from Narayanndu; Narayanapatna Hill place of Jagannathaswamy Population 1804 Latitude 18"13,"from Parvatipuram west 18 mile from Vizagpatam 80 miles One of the original seats of Jeypore Maharaja .Had a guddi with 32 steps called after Vikramarkan under ground . PARVATIPURAM  :: TOWN headquarter of Belagam zamindari Population 10,053 .latitude 18 degrees 47' Longitude 83"28 from Coraput East 45 miles from Madras North 438 miles, From NARSSIPATNAM North east 81 miles from Vizagpatam North 74 miles from Vizianagaram North 45 miles .Named after the founder Parvatamma ,of the Belagam zamindars' family The Belagam zamindar whose capital is at this place belongs to condarauz caste .Veeravara Thodartmal taut Raz,Jagannadh Patro paternal grate grandfather of the present zamindar , was Divan of Ramachandra Deo of Jeypore ,He was influential in keeping the jeyporeans from joining the insurgents in 1794 ,and was afterwards confidentially employed in settling that part of county which was apportioned amongst representatives of the ancient families dispossessed by the Poospaties,He had accumulated a good deal of money, the zamindari restored by the Company had little of no capital an d the Patro took advantage of the positions by making his own terms fo accommodation of these fendatories towards the payment of the public demands. In 1796 fourteen villages in the neighborhood of the town of Parvatipura taken fr;om the contguous hill zamindars , were granted for life toth son Sundaranarayana Patro as an acknowledgement of his fathers services and at the permanent settlement,the lease was converted into Zamindary tenure at a Peshkus of Rs.10,500/- In 1856 the Zamindar borrowed Rs,75,000/- Principle and interests of the Merangi Zamindar and put him in possession of the Estate for a term of twelve years. He died in July 1865 and was succeeeded by his elder son, Narayana Ramachandra .The Zamindari was in his turn succeeded by Dhananjaya Taut Raz who died in October 1888 leaving ;a widow empowered to adopt a son Te estate has been lately taken under the Court of Ward lPeshkhus Rs,10,332/- .A very important center of trade between the hills and central province on the one side and the plains on the other being at the junction of three roads from Palakonda Central province and Vizianagaram \]]]


Parvathipuram is located at 18°46'N 83°25'E. It has an average elevation of 120 meters (393.7 feet).


As of 2011 census, Parvathipuram had a population of 53,844. The total population constitute, 26,811 males and 27,033 females —a sex ratio of 1008 females per 1000 males. 5,048 children are in the age group of 0–6 years, of which 2,607 are boys and 2,441 are girls —a ratio of 936 per 1000. The average literacy rate stands at 79.14% with 38,618 literates, significantly higher than the state average of 67.41%.[1][3]

Government and politics[edit]

Parvathipuram is represented by Parvathipuram (SC) (Assembly constituency) for Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly and Araku (Lok Sabha constituency). Bobbili Chiranjeevulu is the present MLA of the constituency representing Telugu Desam Party.[4][5][6]


There are two railway stations Parvathipuram and Parvathipuram Town within 1 kilometre (0.62 mi).

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