Parvati Temple, Khajuraho

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Parvati Temple
Parvati Temple at Khajuraho
Parvati Temple at Khajuraho
Parvati Temple is located in Madhya Pradesh
Parvati Temple
Parvati Temple
Location in Madhya Pradesh
Proper name Parvati Temple
Devanagari पार्वती मंदिर
Coordinates 24°51′11.4″N 79°55′19″E / 24.853167°N 79.92194°E / 24.853167; 79.92194Coordinates: 24°51′11.4″N 79°55′19″E / 24.853167°N 79.92194°E / 24.853167; 79.92194
Country India
State Madhya Pradesh
District Chattarpur, Khajuraho[1]
Location Khajuraho[1]
Primary deity Parvati[1]
Number of temples 1
History and governance
Creator Chandela Rulers

Parvati Temple (Devanagari: पार्वती मंदिर) is a temple dedicated to the goddess Parvati,[1] consort of Shiva.

This structure is one of the monument among Khajuraho Group of Monuments, a World Heritage Site in India.[citation needed]


The temple is located in the Western Group of Temple Complex Khajuraho. Inside the temple complex, it is located south-west to Vishvanath Temple.[1]

Khajuraho is a small village in Chattarpur District of Madhya Pradesh, India.


It has heavily restored small sanctum.[1] The porch is completely lost and of the sanctum only the plinth has survived.[1]

The arch above sanctum door depicts sculpture of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.[2] Also numerous erotic sculptures of couples can be seen on the front wall (on the side of sanctum door.[2]

The side and back walls do not have any sculptures.[3]



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