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Parvin Darabi - image from a 1960s newspaper

Dr. Parvin Darabi (born 1941) Tehran[1] is an Iranian born American activist, writer and an internationally recognized defender of women’s rights.[2]


Darabi studied at California State University Northridge, University of Southern California and Pepperdine University, and California Coast University. Parvin worked as an electronic systems engineer, program manager, company president, and engineering consultant until 1994. From 1985 to 1990 she owned and operated her own Company PT Enterprises, in Mountain View, California where they developed the most sensitive Radar Detector presently on the German Naval Vessels active in NATO.[1]

Her elder sister, Homa Darabi, committed suicide in 1994 by burning herself in a public square in Iran to protest against the Iranian government. Since then, Parvin has become an activist, writing the book Rage Against the Veil and speaking out on many occasions against Iran's theocratic regime and the religion of Islam as a whole.[1]

Parvin along with Lydia Sparksworthy co-authored a book "Women of Truckee Making History" which chronicles the lives of 30 influential women in Truckee, California.[3][4][5]

Views on Shia Islam[edit]

Darabi has said that there are many laws in Shi'a Islam that would turn off any educated person completely, one of them being temporary marriage which she terms as "religiously sanctioned prostitution."[6] Darabi has said that the only thing the Islamic Republic of Iran brought was poverty and misery.[7]


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