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For the village in Iran, see Parviz, Iran.
Pronunciation Persian pronunciation: [pɑrviːz]
Gender Male
Word/name Persian
Meaning fortunate, victorious

Parvēz, Pērvaz or Parvīz[1] (Persian: پرویز‎‎, meaning "fortunate, victorious"; Middle Persian: plwyc Parvēz, also ʾplwyc Abarvēz/Aparvēz), is a Persian male given name, mostly popular in Iran, Central Asia, South Asia and among Azeris. It is also a common surname.

Note: Parvēz, Parvez, Parvīz, Parwez, Parwiz, Pervaiz, Pervaz, Pervez, Perviz or Purvez are usually the same name but with different spellings. Furthermore, pronunciation between the two are equal.

Given name[edit]

Notable people who have this given name include:

Middle name[edit]




  1. ^ In the early new Persian and the eastern contemporary variants of the Persian language, there are two different vowels ī and ē which are shown by the same Perso-Arabic letter ی, and in the standard transliteration, both of them are usually transliterated as ī.

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