Parymenopus davisoni

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Parymenopus davisoni
Parymenopus davisoni (8051015308).jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Mantodea
Family: Hymenopodidae
Genus: Parymenopus
Species: P. davisoni
Binomial name
Parymenopus davisoni

Parymenopus davisoni is an insect of the order Mantodea (mantises) from Southeast Asia, including Malaysia and Thailand.


Parymenopus davisoni is known by various common names including yellow glower mantis and Davison's mantis. It is one of several species known as flower mantises due to their appearance and behaviour which gives them a camouflaged resemblance to flowers. P. davisoni is the only species in the genus Parymenopus.[2] The specific name honours William Ruxton Davison, the curator of the Raffles Museum in Singapore, who provided the type specimen to James Wood-Mason.[1]


Anatomy of Parymenopus davisoni by James Wood-Mason, 1890

This slender species is mainly plain yellow or greenish.[1] The female (38 mm long) is much larger than the male, with three dark spots on the somewhat pointed wings.

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