Pas de Lona

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Pas de Lona
View of the Sasseneire from the pass
Elevation 2,787 m (9,144 ft)[1]
Traversed by Trail
Location Valais, Switzerland
Range Pennine Alps
Coordinates 46°09′20″N 7°31′12″E / 46.15556°N 7.52000°E / 46.15556; 7.52000Coordinates: 46°09′20″N 7°31′12″E / 46.15556°N 7.52000°E / 46.15556; 7.52000
Pas de Lona is located in Switzerland
Pas de Lona
Pas de Lona
Location in Switzerland

The Pas de Lona (2,787 m) is a high mountain pass across the Pennine Alps, located in the canton of Valais. It connects Saint-Martin with Grimentz and is the lowest pass between the valleys of Herens and Anniviers. The pass is overlooked by the Becs de Bosson (north) and the Sasseneire (south).


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