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The Pasadena City Council meets once a week in the City Hall.

The Pasadena City Council is the governing body of the city of Pasadena, California. It meets regularly on Mondays at 6:30 PM (local time), except on holidays or if decided by a special resolution not to meet.

The Council is composed of seven members elected from single-member districts for four-year terms. While the mayor is elected by voters at-large, the Vice Mayor is elected by the council to a term of one year (though it is customary for him or her to serve multiple terms).


Partisan makeup[edit]

Affiliation Members
  Democrat 5
  Republican 1
  Decline to State 1



District Name Areas Served
1 Tyron Hampton Banbury Oaks
Brookside Park
Devils Gate
Lower Arroyo
Monk Hill
Muir Heights
Normandie Heights
Prospect Park
La Pintoresca
2 Margaret McAustin Brigden Ranch
Bungalow Heaven
Casa Grande
Catalina Villas
East Washington Village
Jefferson Park
Lamanda Park
Lexington Heights
3 John J. Kennedy Garfield Heights
La Pintoresca
Normandie Heights
Old Pasadena
Olive Heights
Orange Heights
Playhouse District
The Oaks
Villa Parke
4 Gene Masuda California Village
Casa Grande
East Washington Village
Eaton Canyon
Hastings Ranch
Lamanda Park
Sierra Madre Villa
Victory Park
5 Victor Gordo Bungalow Heaven
Catalina Villas
Normandie Heights
Olive Heights
Playhouse District
The Oaks
Villa Parke
Washington Square
6 Steve Madison Annandale
Arroyo Del Mar
Bellefontaine/Governor Markham
Civic Center
Linda Vista
Lower Arroyo
Madison Heights
Monk Hill
Old Pasadena
Raymond Hill
7 Andy Wilson Allendale
Lamanda Park
Madison Heights
Oak Knoll
Playhouse District
South Lake

Past City Governments[edit]

Indiana Colony (1874-1886)[edit]

Between 1874 and 1886, the Indiana Colony, as Pasadena was then known, was privately owned and had no formal government, though most consider Daniel Berry to be the de facto leader.

Board of Trustees (1886-1901)[edit]

Originally classified by the State of California as a "Class-6 City," it was allowed the creation of a five-seat board of trustees, who chose the mayor. The seats themselves were at-large

Year Seat
Mayor Seat 1 Seat 2 Seat 3 Seat 4 Seat 5
1886 H.J. Holmes H.J. Holmes R.M. Furlong Edison Turner M.M. Parker E.C. Webster
1888 M.M. Parker Roscoe Thomas
1889 Amos G. Throop Amos G. Throop S. Townsend J.B. Young
1890 John Allin Alexander McLean Elisha Millard
1891 T.P. Lukens T.P. Lukens A.K. McQuilling James Clarke E.M. Simpson Thomas Banbury
1893 Oscar F. Weed Oscar F. Weed John S. Cox
1894 T.P. Lukens
1895 John S. Cox Calvin Hartwell Sherman Washburn H.M. Hamilton
1896 Calvin Hartwell
1897 George D. Patten H.G. Reynolds
1898 George D. Patten
1899 Horace Dobbins Thomas Hoag Edwin Lockett

City Council (1901-1921)[edit]

In 1901, a new City Charter was written, reorganizing the city government into a council comprising a publicly elected Mayor, multiple Councilmembers from separate wards, and an additional Councilmember elected by the city at large.

Year Seat
Mayor At-Large First Ward Second Ward Third Ward Fourth Ward Fifth Ward Sixth Ward
1901 Martin H. Weight W.A. Heiss C.C. Reynolds Matthew Slavin Fred E. Twombly William Shibley
1903 William Vedder W.B. Loughery
1905 William Waterhouse
1907 Thomas Earley H.C. Hoatling J.D. Mersereau H.G. Cattell T.H. Webster W.T. Root
1909 J.F. Barnes W.K. Fogg William Korstian
1910 H.G. Chaffee
1911 William Thum C.W. Rhodes W.T. Davies
1912 P.M. Shutt
1913 R.L. Metcalf

Board of Directors (1921-1997)[edit]

Under Mayor Hiram Wadsworth, the City brought back the class-6 system, this time with a seven-seat Board of Trustees and an unelected mayor.

City Council (1997-present)[edit]

Under Mayor Chris Holden's direction, the City Charter was revised to allow for a City Council and an elected mayor. However, in 1999, Holden was defeated in the first city-wide election for mayor in eight decades by former Mayor Bill Bogaard.

Year District
Mayor District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 District 5 District 6 District 7
1997 Chris Holden Joyce Streator Paul Little Chris Holden Bill Paparian Bill Crowfoot Ann-Marie Villicana Sid Tyler
1999 Bill Bogaard Steve Haderlein Steve Madison
2001 Victor Gordo
2007 Jacque Robinson Margaret McAustin
2009 Terry Tornek
2011 Gene Masuda
2013 Joel Bryant*
John J. Kennedy
2015 Terry Tornek**[1] Tyron Hampton[1] Andy Wilson

*Chris Holden was elected to the California State Assembly in 2012. Joel Bryant was appointed to serve as interim councilman until the 2013 election. **Terry Tornek defeated Jacque Robinson in the election to succeed Mayor Bogaard. Tornek was sworn in on Monday, May 4, 2015.[2]


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