Pasaman Regency

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Official seal of Pasaman
Motto: Saiyo
Lokasi Sumatera Barat Kabupaten Pasaman.svg
Country Indonesia
Province West Sumatra
Capital Lubuk Sikaping
 • Regent H. Yusuf Lubis
 • Total 3,947.63 km2 (1,524.19 sq mi)
Population (2014)
 • Total 266,462
 • Density 67/km2 (170/sq mi)
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)
Area code(s) +62 753

Pasaman is a regency (kabupaten) of West Sumatra, Indonesia. It has an area of 3,947.63 square kilometres (1,524.19 sq mi) and a population of 252,981 at the 2010 Census; the latest official estimate (for January 2014) is 266,462. The capital is Lubuk Sikaping.

Pasaman is located in the north-east of West Sumatera. The town of Bonjol, birthplace of Tuanku Imam Bonjol, is notable for being the area where the Trans-Sumatran Highway crosses the equator. Although the majority tribe in West Sumatra is Minangkabau, in Pasaman there is another big tribe, that is Mandailing from North Sumatra, so Pasaman means "equality" between two tribe (Pasaman is in Minangkabau language, in Indonesian is "Persamaan"), like the first Vice of Regent of Pasaman is H. Ahmad Dahlan Nasution from Duo Koto, King of Sontang (kingdom of Mandailing in Pasaman).

Administrative divisions[edit]

Pasaman Regency is divided into twelve districts (kecamatan), listed below with their populations at the 2010 Census:[1]

  • Bonjol (23,184)
  • Tigo Nagari (22,997)
  • Simpang Alahan Mati (10,580)
  • Lubuk Sikaping (43,746)
  • Dua Koto (24,602)
  • Panti (35,412)
  • Padang Gelugur (21,341)
  • Rao (22,168)
  • Mapat Tunggul (8,846)
  • Mapat Tunggul Selatan (8,530)
  • Rao Selatan (South Rao) (21,600)
  • Rao Utara (North Rao) (10,293)


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Coordinates: 0°10′00″N 100°07′01″E / 0.166667°N 100.117°E / 0.166667; 100.117