Pasarel Reservoir

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Pasarel Reservoir
The reservoir and part of the dam
Coordinates 42°33′13″N 23°28′44″E / 42.55361°N 23.47889°E / 42.55361; 23.47889
Lake type reservoir
Primary inflows Iskar
Primary outflows Iskar
Basin countries Bulgaria
Max. length 2,500 m (8,200 ft)
Max. width 320 m (1,050 ft)
Surface elevation 700 m (2,300 ft)

The Pasarel dam and reservoir is located 20 km to the southeast of Sofia, Bulgaria at an altitude of 700 m.

The dam is situated roughly halfway between the Iskar Reservoir and Lake Pancharevo near the village of Dolni Pasarel. Though built in the Iskar valley, under most circumstances, the primary inflow come from the tailwater of a co-located hydroelectric plant (which is in turn is fed from a long, underground penstock from the Iskar Reservoir.) Likewise, in most cases, the majority of its outflow goes into another long penstock to the hydroelectric plant at the southern end of Lake Pancharevo. The reservoir itself is small (about 1.5 km long and 300 m wide), but still attracts visitors to the area.

Near to the Pasarel dam, in the village of Dolni Pasarel, is located the "St. Peter and Pavel" monastery.