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Pasban-e-Islam (or Hizb ul momineen) is an outlawed Pakistani Shi'a extremist group. It was linked with two bombings in Multan on 7 October 2004, in which 40 people died. Other sources linked Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan with the bombing. Pasban e Islam traces its origins to the Tehrik-Nifaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafaria (Movement for the Implementation of Jafaria Religious Law).Pasban e Islam has a branch called Hizb Ul momineen which were active in Kashmir in 1990-1996.They Fought against the cruelities of India, Their aim was to establish the govt that was in the period of Imam Ali, son of Abu Talib. They were supported by Pakistan and Iran. Their main aim was Freedom from India but they stressed on Unity of Muslims i.e. the two sects shia and sunni should first unite and outrage war against zionists, they gave the example of Palestine shia sunni brotherhood. Their prominent leader was "Gulshan ABBAS" who now lives in Khanda Budgam and works for a secondary school as Urdu teacher. He is now poet also. His poems on freedom are published even now. The aim now of Hizb Ul Momineen is the revocation of ban on Muharram processions in Kashmir and they are still engaged in resistance struggle. Their slogan is

Shia sunni itehad (shia sunni unity) Al Jihad Al Jihad (THEN DO JIHAD)

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