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Pascal Costanza

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Pascal Costanza.

Pascal Costanza is a research scientist at the ExaScience Lab at Intel Belgium. He is known in the field of functional programming in LISP as well as in the aspect-oriented programming (AOP) community for contributions to this field by applying AOP through Lisp1. More recently, he has developed Context-oriented programming, with Robert Hirschfeld.

His past involvements include specification and implementation of the languages Gilgul and Lava, and the design and application of the JMangler framework for load-time transformation of Java class files. He has also implemented ContextL, the first programming language extension for Context-oriented Programming based on CLOS, and aspect-oriented extensions for CLOS. He is furthermore the initiator and lead of Closer, an open source project that provides a compatibility layer for the CLOS MOP across multiple Common Lisp implementations. He has also co-organized numerous workshops on Unanticipated Software Evolution, Aspect-Oriented Programming, Object Technology for Ambient Intelligence, Lisp, and redefinition of computing. He has a Ph.D. degree from the University of Bonn, Germany.


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