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Pascale Isho Warda (Syriac: ܦܐܣܟܐܠ ܐܝܫܘ ܘܪܕܐ‎) was the Minister of Immigration and Refugees in the Iraqi Interim Government. A Chaldean Catholic and an ethnic Assyrian,[1] she was born in 1961 in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, city of Dahuk, but later exiled to France. There, she attended the University of Lyon and received her Masters in human rights studies. She co-founded the Iraqi Society for Human Rights named Hammurabi Human Rights Organization (HHRO) and was the President of the Assyrian Women's Union in Baghdad.

As minister she expressed her support for the death penalty for Saddam Hussein.[2] During her minister position post, she was invited by the First Lady of the United States Laura Bush, for a discussion on global women's issues at the G8 Summit in Sea Island, Georgia.

She is married to William Warda and has two daughters, Shlama and Neshma.


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