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Pascal Etcheber
Management consultant, Philosopher, Writer

Pascal Etcheber (born August 2, 1963) is a French author and philosopher. He co-edited “Managing Sensitive Projects” published by Macmillan in the UK and Routledge in the US in 1998. In "The Strength of Becoming: a philosophical treatise on the new art & science of living", Pascal Etcheber argues that there is a positive outlook in Existentialism through creating. Since only individuals can bring meaning into the world “Creativism” allows individuals to both find themselves and fulfillment. His Philosophy is further outlined in “Vagabond Earth” (published by Substance Publishing in 2004). He purports that Human beings are driven by three essential needs: Freedom, Actions and Ethics, that the world is organized with Religions, Economics and Politics to apparently fulfill those needs. However, human beings can never find fulfillment because Freedom is lost by the obedience to laws; Actions are made useless by the belief that this world is meaningless compared to a higher, spiritual world or afterlife; Ethics is never attained because participation in economics does not lead into abundance for all but the success of a few to the detriment of the majority. “Vagabond Earth” proposes a blue print for a moneyless society of one world with no governments with people actively engaged in making this world a good place to live. In 2012, "7 principles for an Economic Revolution" marks a less utopian outlook and proposes new hopes for full employment and higher standards of living, even in mature economies, despite globalization.

The British Philosophical Association listed Pascal Etcheber in their success stories as one of 38 people who graduated in Philosophy and achieved success in their subsequent careers.[1] He graduated in Philosophy with a Dean's commendation from Exeter University in the UK. He also holds a diploma in English Literature from Exeter University.

Pascal Etcheber is a Management consultant who has worked in 18 countries. He has been an active speaker notably in the nuclear world to encourage the successful development of difficult projects that are necessary. In 1999, he spoke at the Uranium Institute on “Unlocking local knowledge to benefit public acceptance work”.[2] In 2003, he spoke at the World Nuclear Association on “Controversial projects can succeed in today’s world…even from the brink of defeat”.[3]

In 2007, Pascal Etcheber wrote “Freeing the Organization”,a business book that exposes the myths of management consultants, uncovers the root causes of the inefficiencies crippling large organizations and explains how to overcome these issues quickly without large teams of consultants settling in. Pascal Etcheber, a member of Mensa in France and in the UK, described a simplified method for calculating any day of the Gregorian calendar explained in Determination of the day of the week[4] and made available for free on scribd a knowledge acquisition method that is both fast, fun and effective in the practical guide entitled " The Hard Way or the Easy Way? Fast Fun Learning" [5]

On 18 March 2009, Pascal Etcheber was charged with making a false statement to the FBI 18 months earlier. The Post and Courier reported the case on the front page over the 15 months court case. Officially, Pascal Etcheber was prosecuted for his link to Thomas Ravenel. Unofficially, Pascal Etcheber was being investigated for being an agent of the French Secret Service. Eventually, all charges against Pascal Etcheber were dismissed and he pleaded guilty to the fact that a chef who was cooking for a party of 12 people in his house smoked a joint in the kitchen without his consent in the summer of 2004. After passing a polygraph test with the FBI, the prosecutor recognized in court that all National security issues regarding Pascal Etcheber had been cleared.


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