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Pascal Laugier
Pascal Laugier.jpg
Pascal Laugier
Born (1971-10-16) 16 October 1971 (age 47)
OccupationFilm director, screenwriter
Years active1993 – present

Pascal Laugier (French: [loʒje]; born 16 October 1971)[1] is a French screenwriter and film director.[2]


Laugier is a former assistant to director, Christophe Gans, having directed the "making-of" documentary about Gans' 2001 film, Brotherhood of the Wolf (Laugier also starred in the film).[3][4] He has written and directed the fantasy-horror feature films Saint Ange,[5] Martyrs,[6][7] and The Tall Man.[8][9]

Laugier has been associated with the New French Extremity movement.[10]

Laugier was set to direct the remake of Hellraiser[11][12] but was later taken off the project due to creative differences with the producers;[13][14] Laugier wanted his film to be very serious and explore gay S&M culture, whereas the producers wanted the film to be more commercial and appeal to a teen audience.[15]

Potential future directing projects include a supernatural thriller entitled Details.[16]

Pascal Laugier is also the director of Mylène Farmer's music video "City of Love", the teaser of which was released online in December 2015.[17]



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