Pascale Sakr

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Pascale Sakr
باسكال صقر
Birth name Pascale Etienne Sakr
Origin Lebanon
Genres Lebanese Music, Pop

Pascale Etienne Sakr (Arabic: باسكال صقر) is a female Lebanese singer. She was born in Zahlé, Lebanon to Maronite parents. She performs a leading character in many musicals.

She is also the daughter of Lebanese nationalist Etienne Sakr, a former member of the Lebanese Forces and Leader of the Far-Right Guardians of the Cedars and to Alexandra Sakr. She is the oldest of 3 children and her younger sister is also a Lebanese pop star Karol Sakr. She started singing at a very young age. Her repertoire includes many languages including Lebanese Arabic, French, and English.

Pascale Sakr has also been active in theatre she has starred in lead role of the play Wadi Chamseen and Sawret Chaab.

Pascale Sakr is married to Karl Zacca and has two children, Alexander and Annabel.


  • Sarek Makatibi Music by Elias Rahbani
  • Risho el Fil Music by Elias Rahbani
  • Maoul Music by Elias Rahbani
  • Biddallak Sayfi Music by Mansour Rahbani
  • Ardak el Karami Music by Antoine Gebara
  • Waad Ya Lebnan Music by Elias Rahbani
  • Gharrabou Music by Melhem Barakat
  • Nasheed al Ward Music by Wajdy Shaya. Lyrics by Anwar Salman
  • Oh Babe By Elias Rahbani
  • Sad is my Story By Elias Rahbani
  • Ya Hami el Hima By Wajdy Shaya. Lyrics by Hassan Saad
  • Yemken By Wajdy Shaya Lyrics by Anwar Salman
  • Am Yenzel el Talj by Elias Rahbani
  • Jayi Papa Noel by Elias Rahbani


Year Awarded by Category
1981 Rostock Festival (Germany) For song "Oh Babe"