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Pronunciation pahs-KALL
Gender masculine
Word/name Latin
Meaning from Latin Paschalis, associated with Passover (or Easter)
Other names
Related names Pascal, Pascale, Paschalis, Pascoe, Pascual, Pasqual and Pasquale

Paschal can be a variant spelling of Pascal or an adjective describing Easter or Passover.

Paschal as a name[edit]

Paschal as a variant of Pascal, from Latin Paschalis, could refer to:

Popes and religious figures[edit]

French and English surname[edit]

Given name[edit]

Paschal in the context of Easter and Passover[edit]

Paschal, from "Pascha", a Latinized spelling of Hebrew Pesach (Passover), may refer to:

Other uses[edit]

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