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Pronunciation pahs-KALL
Gender masculine
Word/name Latin
Meaning from Latin Paschalis, associated with Passover (or Easter)
Other names
Related names Pascal, Pascale, Paschalis, Pascoe, Pascual, Pasqual and Pasquale

Paschal is a variant spelling of the name Pascal (see: Pascal (given name), Pascal (surname)), from Latin Paschalis. Two popes and two antipopes have taken this name:

  • Antipope Paschal (687), a rival with Theodore for Pope following the death of Pope Conon (21 September 687), and thus is considered an antipope of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Pope Paschal I (died 824), head of the Catholic Church from 25 January 817 to his death in 824
  • Pope Paschal II (11th-century–1118), head of the Catholic Church from 13 August 1099 to his death in 1118
  • Antipope Paschal III (1164–1168), Antipope from 1164 to 20 September 1168

Paschal may also refer to:

  • Paschal Baylon (1540–1592), Spanish friar and a saint in the Roman Catholic Church
  • Pope Paschal I (see above)

Paschal is also a French and an English surname:

Paschal may also be used as an adjective (from "Pascha", a Latinized spelling of the Hebrew word Pesach, meaning Passover) to describe various Easter- and Passover-related observances and events:

  • Paschal month, an important Biblically-derived Jewish festival
  • Paschal candle, a large, white candle used at liturgy in the Western Rites of Christianity (Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, etc.)
  • Paschal cycle, in the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches, is the cycle of the moveable feasts built around Pascha (Easter)
  • Paschal Full Moon, refers to the ecclesiastical full moon of the northern spring used in the determination of the date of Easter
  • Paschal greeting, an Easter custom among Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Eastern Catholic Christians, as well as among some Roman Catholic and Protestant Christians
  • Paschal Homily, sermon (also known in Greek as Hieratikon or as the Catechetical Homily) of St John Chrysostom (d. 407 CE) is read aloud on the morning of Pascha (a.k.a. "Easter" in the West)
  • Paschal Lamb (disambiguation)
  • Paschal mystery, – one of the central concepts of Christian faith relating to the history of salvation. Its main subject is the passion, death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • Paschal Triduum, the period of three days that begins with the liturgy on the evening of Maundy Thursday (the vigil of Good Friday) and ends with evening prayer on Easter Sunday
  • Paschal trikirion, a liturgical triple-candlestick used at Easter time in the Eastern Orthodox/Byzantine Catholic tradition
  • Paschal troparion, the characteristic hymn for the celebration of Pascha (Easter) in the Eastern Orthodox Church and those Eastern Catholic Churches which follow the Byzantine Rite

Paschal may also refer to:

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