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The Pasco County Library Cooperative (PCLC) is the public library system that serves all residents of Pasco County, Florida, and is a member of the Tampa Bay Library Consortium.[1] The Pasco County Library System, as it was originally known, was established by county ordinance in 1980. In 1999, the Pasco County Public Library Cooperative was established as a result of an Interlocal Agreement between the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners and the Zephyrhills City Council.[2] It consists of seven branch libraries and one cooperative partner library, Zephyrhills Public Library. The Pasco County Libraries operate on a budget of $6,344,041 for fiscal year 2016. Pasco Libraries circulated 1,195,649 items for fiscal year 2016; up-to-date statistical information can be found on their website at: The head of library services reports to the Assistant County Administrator for Public Services.

Marquee for the New River Library, a branch of the Pasco County Library Cooperative.


The Pasco County Public Library Cooperative consists of seven branches and one cooperative partner (Zephyrhills), with the administrative offices for the system located at the Hudson Regional Library.[3]

Centennial Park Branch Library[edit]

Hudson Regional Library/Administration and Support Services[edit]

Hugh Embry Branch Library[edit]

Hugh Embry Branch Library
General information
LocationDade City, Florida
Address14215 4th St.

Hugh Embry Library was established in 1904 when its namesake Hugh Embry (1879–1907), then 25, was recovering from an illness. It is located on 4th Street in Dade City, Florida. It was developed with donations from local households leading and built into a small library in the Embry home (now the site of the U.S. Post Office on Church St. A larger library and the development of the Pasco County Library Association followed in 1905. After Embry's death at the age of 28 due to tuberculosis, the library initially faltered, but was kept alive due to the efforts of active community members and civic organizations such as the Dade City Woman's Club. The library was relocated several times over the next five decades, finally ending up at the current location in 1963. The library underwent a complete renovation in the late 1980s, with the current 7,200-square-foot (670 m2) building opening in 1991.[4]

Land O' Lakes Branch Library[edit]

Land O' Lakes Branch Library
General information
LocationLand O' Lakes, Florida
Address2818 Collier Parkway
OpenedDecember 12, 1991

The Land O' Lakes Branch Library began as a small section of a county building located on U.S. Highway 41 but was later moved to a larger location as a result of its increasing growth. In 1980, it became an official part of the countywide library system, moving into a Land O' Lakes plaza storefront in 1988. A new Land O' Lakes Branch Library was built at the current location with bond money and opened to the public on December 12, 1991. The library underwent an expansion project beginning in 2005, and it was reopened to the public on April 22, 2007.[5]

The Land O' Lakes Branch Library property covers a total area of 18,000 square feet. Following its renovation, the library housed several study rooms, a separate children's room, a teen room, and a computer lab. In 2015, the computer lab was moved next to the collections, and the space that had formerly housed the computer lab became a makerspace, The Foundry, which was opened to the public on December 17, 2015.[6] The equipment and purpose of The Foundry was decided by a combination of the library staff and a committee of patrons of all ages who intended to use it.

New River Branch Library[edit]

Regency Park Branch Library[edit]

South Holiday Branch Library[edit]

Zephyrhills Public Library (Cooperative Partner)[edit]

The New River Branch in Zephyrhills, Fla.



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  • Florida Library of the Year[7] from the Florida Library Association
  • "I Love my Librarian!" award given to director Linda Allen by The New York Times Company[8]
  • Future of the Region Certificate of Excellence and Commemorative program for Public Education in Catastrophe Readiness and Response: Proactive Roles for Public Libraries awarded by Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council[9]

Pasco Libraries website[edit]

The Pasco Libraries website is an integrated website that allows patrons to search the library catalog, check out e-books, search fee-based databases, and access language-learning resources. It also allows patrons to post book reviews, access RSS feeds, create lists, and tag materials. The website has links to the library’s social media content, library videos, and e-government sources. It was recognized by the Florida Library Association as the best library website in 2010. Visits to the library's website increased by 28 percent within its first year of being redesigned.[10]

Friends of the Pasco County Library System[edit]

Friends of the Pasco County Library System, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization that works closely with the libraries within the cooperative to enrich the library experience of patrons through fundraising, volunteering, and advocacy efforts. Individual libraries also have their own Friends of the Library groups, all retain not-for-profit 501(c)(3) status.

Land O' Lakes Foundry[edit]

The Foundry at the Land O' Lakes Branch Library is the first dedicated makerspace in Pasco Libraries. It was officially opened on December 17, 2015. The Foundry is equipped with two 3-D printers, as well as computer-aided-design (CAD) equipment, an Oculus Rift virtual reality system, and an audio recording studio. Other makerspace materials include various hand tools, power tools, and crafting equipment and supplies, like yarn and thread. The room serves as the primary meeting space for the Edgar Allan Ohms, the Land O' Lakes High School robotics team sponsored by the library.[11][12] Library patrons must consent to the terms of the Pasco County Liability Waiver and Permission Form and the Maker Safety Playbook before they can use The Foundry, but it is otherwise open to all.


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