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Coordinates: 46°14′18.65″N 119°6′11.1″W / 46.2385139°N 119.103083°W / 46.2385139; -119.103083

Pasco Senior High School
1108 N. 10th Ave.
Pasco, Washington
Type Secondary
Principal Raul Sital
Grades 9–12
Enrollment 1800
Color(s) Purple and White
Mascot bulldogs
Newspaper Wasco
Yearbook Sineweshah

Pasco Senior High School, located at 1108 N. 10th Avenue in Pasco, Washington, is the largest high school in the Tri-Cities of Washington. Its mascot is the Bulldog and its colors are purple and white. Pasco High has a very diverse student body and a strong football program. It was the only High School in Pasco until 2009 when Chiawana High School, in West Pasco opened its doors.

In 2006, the voters of Pasco approved a $90 million+ bond to construct a new high school on Argent and Road 84 to ease the overcrowding of Pasco High. The new school, Chiawana High, opened in the fall of 2009 along Argent Street. During the time of construction, the school has turned the old Captain Gray Elementary School, located at 1102 N. 10th Avenue into an annex, where a majority of freshman classes are held. Additionally, the school makes use of over 50 portable classrooms. When Chiawana High opened, the annex once again became Captain Gray Elementary.

Pasco High is one of Washington state's largest high schools; it is classified as a 4A school (the classification for the largest schools in that state) and has an enrollment of more than 1,800 students.[1]

Student Demographics[edit]

Male 1,027 50.3%

Female 1,014 49.7%

Race/Ethnicity (October 2009):

American Indian/Alaskan Native 9 0.4%

Asian 27 1.3%

Pacific Islander 3 0.1%

Asian/Pacific Islander 30 1.5%

Black 58 2.8%

Hispanic 1,495 73.2%

White 444 21.8%

Special Programs:

Free or Reduced-Price Meals (May 2010) 1,345 69.5%

Special Education (May 2010) 175 9.0%

Transitional Bilingual (May 2010) 365 18.9%

Migrant (May 2010) 156 8.1%

Section 504 (May 2010) 0 0.0%

Foster Care (May 2010) 4 0.2%

Other Information (more info)

Annual Dropout Rate (2008–09) 276 8.1%

On-Time Graduation Rate (2008–09) 487 65.5%

Extended Graduation Rate (2008–09) 561 75.4%

Teacher Information (2009–10):

Classroom Teachers 127

Average Years of Teacher Experience 12.1

Teachers with at least a master's degree 57.5%

Total number of teachers who teach core academic classes 85

% of teachers teaching with an emergency certificate 0.0%

% of teacher teaching with a conditional certificate 0.0%

Total number of core academic classes 781

NCLB Highly Qualified Teacher Information:

% of classes taught by teachers meeting NCLB highly qualified (HQ) definition 100.0%

% of classes taught by teachers who do not meet NCLB HQ definition 0.0%

% of classes in high poverty schools taught by teachers who meet NCLB HQ definition 100.0%

% of classes in high poverty schools taught by teachers who do not meet NCLB HQ definition 0.0%

% of classes in low poverty schools taught by teachers who meet NCLB HQ definition N/A

% of classes in low poverty schools taught by teachers who do not meet NCLB HQ definition N/A


Due to the quantity of relatively poor families in Pasco, college is a difficult or even impossible option for some students and Pasco High School has programs to train these students in various occupational areas, though these programs have had little success over all and are generally considered an excuse not to try for college (not bad in all cases as it is often impossible). One of these is the "Bulldog House" where students help build a house in the community and sell it, with the proceeds going towards next year's house and various scholarships.

One avenue pursued to overcome prejudice and inequity in the Hispanic community has been the pursuit of academic excellence and participation in the Hispanic Academic Achievers Program (HAAP) where students and families are recognized annually for the student maintaining a 3.0 or greater GPA. Senior HAAP members also apply for substantial scholarships to college and act as role models to younger siblings making it possible for the next generation to be even more competitive in the USA.

Pasco has made Newsweek magazine's annual "Newsweek's Best American High Schools" list many times. This list includes the top 6% of schools in the nation. The schools are ranked according to the Challenge Index. “The Washington Post Challenge Index measures a public high school’s effort to challenge its students. The formula is simple: divide the number of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or Cambridge tests a school gave by the number of seniors who graduated in June. Tests taken by all students, not just seniors, are counted.” Pasco High School placed during the following years:

2004 - Placed 876th

2005 - Placed 905th

2007 - Placed 913th

2009 - Placed 853rd

Source: Pasco School District Website[2]


Pasco High School's mascot are the Bulldogs. They have a very strong rivalry with the Chiawana High Riverhawks. The rivalry starter in early 2010 and since then, the Bulldogs have won only one football game out of 3 games played against the Riverhawks.

Pasco High School has 7 state championships on them, and have placed 2nd in state 10 times. This means they have made it to the final state championship games 16 times.[3]

The football team won the state championship in 1998, 2000, and 2003, and followed it up with a conference championship the following year.[4] The Bulldogs were ranked 27th in the nation[citation needed] and had a twenty-seven game win streak during this period before losing in 2001 in the state championship versus cross-state rival Kentwood High School. Football in Pasco has been a sport of unity in the community. Games at Edgar Brown Memorial Stadium are viewed as social and community building events.

Pasco High School's Boys Soccer Team has also been extremely successful. They have won two state championships in 1999 and 2007. The team has been ranked as high as 3rd in the nation (1999) and 4th in 2007. They have made the playoffs for 14 straight years. in 2009 they were set to be first in the nation but lost the State Champ game 1-2 and dropped to 15th in the nation.

Boys Basketball won a state title in 1947.[5]

The dance team's Hip Hop squad has been District Champions for every year since the team was started. That is 11 straight years in a row. Also the team has placed 3rd in State for Hip Hop for 6 years straight. In 2011 the Show team were WIAA 3A state Champions. They were also 2014 state champions in both Hip Hop and Show beating the defending hip hop state champions, Todd Beamer High School.

When fundraising for the Field of Pride for Edgar Brown Memorial Stadium, Nike released a limited edition version of their Air brand shoes. The Nike Air Pasco was sold for $70 and came in both "Original" and "New Style"

Performing arts[edit]

The marching band at Pasco continues to be one of the best in Washington State. In 2006 they won sweepstakes in both Everett and Yakima. In 2007 They won Sweepstakes along with every single caption award in their division in Yakima, and they won first in their division (third overall) in Spokane and first in their Division (2nd overall) in Wennache. Most recently in 2008 they got 2nd in their division(3rd overall) at Spokane and 4th overall in Everett. The marching band considers themselves to have only two rivals, both being from the Spokane area; they are Central Vally and Mead.

The Jazz and concert bands continue to win Superior ratings in their competitions with a few people going to State as part of solo and ensemble. And more recently they beat Mead High School at the CBC jazz unlimited festival taking first place and took 2nd place at the Bellevue Jazz Festival in April 2009.

Other activities include the 10th Avenue Singers who, under the direction of Mel Haug, recently[when?] took first place at the CBC Jazz Festival. 10th Avenue has put on yearly shows since Haug came to the school. These shows have included A Radio Show, Beach Party, The U.S.O. Show, A Tribute to Motown, 10th Avenue Idol (a spin-off of the popular American Idol), The British Invasion, and most recently, A Tribute to American Bandstand. The group has also toured in Hawaii several times over the years. They have become moderately famous throughout Pasco and the wider Tri-cities.[citation needed]

The drama department recently went to Scotland to participate in the American High School Theatre Festival, which showcases the top high school theater productions in the United States. They have performed:

  • The Hobbit (Fall 2001)
  • Anne Frank & Me (Winter 2002)
  • Clue (Spring 2002)
  • The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe (Fall 2002)
  • The Odd Couple - female version (Spring 2003)
  • Fiddler On The Roof (Fall 2003)
  • Peter Pan (Winter 2004)
  • Beauty & The Beast - non musical (Spring 2004)
  • The Sound of Music (Winter 2005)
  • Rumors (Spring 2005)
  • Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (Fall 2005)
  • Dancing At Lughnasa (Winter 2006)
  • I Hate Hamlet (Spring 2006)
  • Charlotte's Web (Fall 2006)
  • Pinocchio (Winter 2007)
  • Reindeer Soup - Scotland Show (Spring & Summer 2007)
  • The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Winter 2007)
  • CLUE (Spring 2008)
  • The Hobbit (Fall 2008)
  • Jungle Book (Spring 2009)
  • Chiasco's Cafe (Fall 2009) (This show was done in cooperation with the newly opened Chiawana High School)
  • Grease (Spring 2010) (This show was done in cooperation with the newly opened Chiawana High School)

Notable alumni[edit]


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