Pascual Romero

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Pascual Romero
Pascual Romero.jpg
Background information
Genres heavy metal, death metal, grindcore, metalcore, progressive metal, swing
Occupation(s) bassist, songwriter, film producer, actor
Years active 1993 – present
Labels Victory Records
Comatose Records
Grindhead Records
Relapse Records
Century Media Records
Nuclear Blast Records
Alcatraz Records
Associated acts Pathology
In This Moment
Nothing Less
Public Recipe
Divine Heresy
Fear Factory
Notable instruments
Ibanez Basses
Carvin Amplifiers
Jackson Guitars
Ampeg Amplifiers
Peavey amplifiers

Pascual Romero is a film producer and musician from Los Angeles, California. Pascual is the former vocalist of the death metal band Pathology[1] He is also the former bassist of the bands Level-Zero, Public Recipe (with Tal B. of i5), Warped Tour band Nothing Less Warped Tour 2005 and is most well known for being the former bassist of In This Moment.
He is mentioned multiple times in the liner notes of the In This Moment albums Beautiful Tragedy and The Dream as well as the Daysend album The Warning.[1] He was the bassist of Tinhorn, as well as recording a solo project.[citation needed]

In film and TV production, he is a producer and writer for Rad Girls[2] on which he also appears as himself. What About Brian, Pushing Daisies, Heroes, and the film 3:10 To Yuma are among his most notable credits.[3] He was also credited as a producer for the Style Network.


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