Pashtany Bank

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Pashtany Bank
Government owned
Industry Financial services
Founded Kabul, Afghanistan (1954)
Headquarters Kabul, Afghanistan
Revenue 894 Million AFN (2016)
Number of employees
At least 450 persons (2016)[1]

Pashtany Bank is the firm controlled by the Afghan government that controls the Central Bank of Afghanistan, the Afghan national insurance company and Ariana Afghan Airlines. It was established in 1954 to manage the Da Afghanistan Bank, the central bank of Afghanistan.

Ahmad Khesrow Zia is the CEO and President of Pashtany Bank, which has reached its highest revenue in years under his leadership.[2] The bank has over 20 branches throughout the country.[3] It heavily markets on Afghan Television Channels and had a revenue of 984 million Afghani in 2016.[4]


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