Pashtoons Social Democratic Party

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Pashtoons Social Democratic Party
Leader Kabir Stori
Founder Kabir Stori
Founded February 1981 in Germany
Ideology Social democracy,
Pashtun nationalism
Political position Centre-left
Seminar hold about Afzal Khan Lala in November, some days after his death

The Pashtoons Social Democratic Party, more commonly known as PSDP (Pashto: د پښتنو ټولنیز ولسولیز ګوند‎, PSDP) is the unity and independence party of all Pashtoons, a Social Democratic political party in Afghanistan and Pakistan, near the Afghan border, and the headquarters of PSDP is in Pashtoonkhwa and its various units (local unit, city unit, district unit, divisional unit) act for party throughout the whole area of Pashtoonkhwa. The party was founded in February 1981 by Kabir Stori, a German-educated Afghan intellectual from Kunar, who was a follower of the non-violent philosophy of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan for national unity, independence and the well-being of the entire Pashtoon Nation. The party does not recognize the Durand Line and believes in the Greater ("Loy") Afghanistan.


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