Pashtun Congress of Pakistan

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The Pashtun Congress of Pakistan is a forum of all Pashtun people living in Balochistan.[when?] The leadership of this congress consists of the tribal chiefs of Durranies, Khiljies and Kakars. The headquarters of PCP is in Quetta. The activities of PCP are non political and purely based for social welfare of Pashtun Nation living in Pakistan, especially in Balochistan. Nowadays[when?] Abdul Wali Khan Khilji chief of Khilji tribes is the Chief Organizer of PCP.the following people are the founder members of PCP.

  • 1-Mr. Haji Abdul Wali Khan Khilji.
  • 2-Mr.H.K.(Saddozai) Durrani.
  • 3-Mr. Khan Abdul Sattar Khan Durrani.
  • 4-Prof:- Faizullah Khan (Anndarh) Khilji.
  • 5-Sardar Ahmad Khan (Saddozai) Durrani.
  • 6-Malik Abdul Rahim Baabai.
  • 7-Sardar Akram Khan (Muhmadzai) Durrani.
  • 8-Dur Mohammad Kassi.
  • 9-Sardar Shah Zazaman Jogazai.
  • 10-Mr. Zainullah Khan Kakar.