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The Pasley Baronetcy, of Craig in the County of Dumfries, is a title in the Baronetage of Great Britain. It was created on 1 September 1794 for the prominent Scottish naval commander Thomas Pasley, with remainder to the male issue of his daughters. On his death in 1808 he was succeeded according to the special remainder by his grandson Thomas Sabine, who the following year assumed by Royal licence the surname of Pasley in lieu of his patronymic. He was also a distinguished naval commander. The fifth Baronet was a literary scholar. Another member of the family to gain distinction was Joseph Montagu Sabine Pasley (1898–1978), grandson of Major Maitland Warren Bouverie Sabine Pasley, third son of the second Baronet. He was a Major-General in the British Army.

The family surname is pronounced "Paisley". Some American families with the surname pronounce the name "PASS-lee."

Pasley baronets, of Craig (1794)[edit]